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How to center elements using the box model

A common task for web development is center elements, we can center the elements horizontal and verticaly. Center horizontal Center in the middle horizontally is so easy, our element needs to have a width size, if not our element will take all space possible. Set to 0 auto the margin, the element will take the […]

From Vue to Svelte Syntax

I’m building a small app with Svelte,  my last 2 years I was coding with Vue, so I found small differences with Vue,  let me explain a bit how is going my journey writing a Svelte component. The password-strength project was build using the default svelte template, it generates main.js and src/App. svelte files, I […]

How to use SCSS Sass in Svelte Components?

When I started with Svelte one surprise was the CLI was not too interactive and the default template doesn’t come with Sass support. Then for add sass support into .svelte components, we need to add a rollup package and do a few small changes. These changes I will do on my project “password-strength-sv”, from the […]

Hello Sveltejs

I’m using Vue for more than 2 years and a half, Vue is a great framework, but the world change and Svelte rise as a good contender to in the Javascript world. My friend @pchiwan did a small game with Sveltejs, I read his code and feel curiosity and a bit of motivation to start […]

Static Class and Extends methods in C#

The static keyword is very useful in c#  when we need to use class, method or property without creating an object instance is very common using a static class as a box or container for properties helpers or methods. For example, our boss said the employee object needs to be able to show the salary […]

Head start with Array, List and Diccionaries in .NET

The Array, Lists and Dictionaries are the most basic collections in .NET and everyone has his scenery to be used, I will explain a bit about each one, for the examples I created the class Team to show the examples. public class Team { public int Id { get; set; } public string Initials { […]

Albert the Spotlight for Linux

I’m back to use Linux as default desktop OS, I was using macOS for more than 5 years, but if I want the same workflow like macOS that means try to get a Spotlight then Albert comes to answer, it looks similar to Alfred or Spotlight with great and powerful features like a search engine, […]

Object Initialization and Constructor

When we have few fields in a class and want to initialize every field in a constructor it should become a little bit messy and maybe we need a few constructors. public class User { public string Name; public List<string> Roles; public User(string name) { Name = name; } public User(string name, List<string> roles) { […]

Code coverage in 2 minutes with NYC

In my previous posts about testing, I don’t have a clear picture of how much of my code is protected with tests? NYC comes to help me know the real status of my testing. NYC is an npm package for getting stats about the test coverage working hand to hand with Mocha and the setup is so […]

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