What I use ?

Hi, I´m Dany Paredes a few years ago I was just a .NET guy, but in my last years I have been focusing on building solutions with Vue, Sass, and .NET, but I worked with Typescript, Angular and  React.

I was using Mac for more than 6 years but in 2019 I move to Thinkpad T470 i7 with 12gb with Windows 10.

How do I work?

I use VSCode as a code editor with a Dracula theme and the following extensions.

  • Vue Extensions
  • Vetur
  • ESLint
  • GitLens
  • Live Sass Compiler
  • Prettier
  • Preview on Web Server

Google Chrome is my default browser but I have Firefox installed to check the compatibility.

  • Vue tools
  • Ublock
  • LastPass
  • Pocket
  • Share on twitter
  • Page Ruler
  • Todoist
  • Colorzilla
  • ShowFrame

Slack and Zoom for communication and GitKraken.

Online Services

I was fighting between providers sometimes concert about privacy, but I found a balance and I take the decision of using Google services for email, calendar and keep my task in google keep.