My Top 5 Vue Ecosystem plugins

If you have been working with Angular and React, each one of them has a lot of tools ready to help when you pick one of them to build solutions like angular material, ngx-translate, angularfire, ngxs, create-react-app, Styled Components, or redux.

If you work with Vue, you need to solve the same problems and Vue have an ecosystem that provides the necessary tooling to build production applications ready to help us and solve the most common problems in our apps like state management, server render, UI components and tooling for able to build professional apps.

These are my top 5 essentials Vue plugins.

Vue-CLI is an essential tool for scaffolding and builds or updates vue apps, vue-cli provides a standard structure of files and helps to new guys and teams use the default guide for start to build his project and allow define a preset for next projects.

Some vue-cli features are.

  • vue serve webserver to develop our apps.
  • vue build compiles your apps to deploy.
  • vue create/UI create new vue apps from the command line or user interface.
  • vue add adding new plugins to existing vue apps.

Vuex is state management like redux provides a way to update the state, close similar to redux, used to keep bigger apps with the state under control.

Vuetify is a component framework like angular material, has a material design aesthetic and contains components with style and very esthetic design instead build your own buttons or dropdown you can use it.

Vue-i18n It allows easily integrates some localization features to your Vue.js application like translate, pluralization, date formating and number formating.

Nuxt used for universal rendering or create universal apps making easy the most common problems like faster loading time on mobile devices.

I feel with these plugins, we can build a full application with the most common problem solved, but if you need more feel free to check a full list of plugins in the vue awesome list.

Happy Vue!