How to access from a remote device to your local IIS-Express?

August 31, 2018

When we develop for asp.net and we want to access our IIS-Express server from the other computer or mobile.

IIS-Express Proxy is a Nodejs package that allows us to access our IIS-Express from any device in the same network.

To use it, it is enough to start our web application in Visual Studio debug mode and the application will start the IIS Express in some example port http://localhost:9597, to be able to access from our mobile, We have to install iisexpress-proxy node package.

-Install iisexpress-proxy globally. npm install iisexpress-proxy -g

-Specify iisexpress-proxy where the port has to redirect. iisexpress-proxy 9597 to 3000

Using our device connected to the same network, we can to your IIS-Express, you can read more information visiting the Github package web https://github.com/icflorescu/iisexpress-proxy.


Originally published at danywalls.com on August 31, 2018.

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