I’m Dany Paredes!

A few years ago I was just a .NET guy, but in my last 3 years I have been focusing on Front-end, building SPA with Typescript, Knockout, Angular and SASS.

You can see a little bit of my code and ideas on my GitHub


Now I’m working in YukiSoftware building great accounting product using Vuejs and .Net.

My Latest jobs experience:

I worked at Pasiona as Senior Developer building an amazing product using ASP.NET MVC, Angularjs, Angular Material or Knockout for frontend and ASP.NET Web Api,  Azure and Signalr.

I joined into FHIOS to work with Umbraco, because I had experience working with Umbraco 4 on Hotels Business workflow.

I worked at Qaracter hygienizing and customizing the Sharepoint apps, it was a good experience because I’ve never worked with Sharepoint and Oracle before, so during this time I learned about them.

It was my first time working at a company in Spain, my role was to develop new solutions using .NET and further improvements on CRM4.

During this time my tasks were mostly back-end work, Asp.net web services and Windows services. Doing enhancements to the existing applications and building some integrations with externals apps, while providing support to existing applications that can be integrated with systems such as Navision 2.60 and CRM4.

Spirit Technologies
At Spirit I had the opportunity to work with a team with mixed technologies (PHP / .NET) and getting the best of both worlds. During my time there, my main role was to provide .NET solutions and coordinating integrations with PHP applications.

Newtech SA 
My main role was to develop and support some internal apps for Verizon Business Atlanta, during this time I was making improvements and designing new corporate solutions.

Teknowlogic was an amazing job experience. There I learned .NET and I had the opportunity to return the acquired knowledge.

I worked in a few projects focusing on customization, extending Microsoft CRM 4 and Great Plains 10.
One of the most rewarding projects was the development of a weighing system, which was integrated with a hardware device and interacting with GP10 through windows form application.

Optic is a Government Agency that provides technology solutions to other state institutions. It was my first job as a programmer, my main role was to develop web applications, focused on the UI and business logic.
Here I worked with Visual Studio 2003, Ajax Toolkit, C#, ADO.NET with Typed DataSet.

I’m pretty accesible, you can reach out to me via, Email, Twitter or LinkedIn.